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1. Electro Technics measure certain tracking heavy metals from water taps S Arab
, A  Alshikh
1-7 journal download
2. PMDC engine controlled used in Surgical and orthopedic simulators G Michigan 8-13
3. Cardiotocogram improve classification using the neural network classification system S Casoori 14-23
4. Expected to impact absorption energy using modified regression theory M Barandan
, M.R Jafarian
5. The Survey of the Relationship between Economic Criteria for Evaluating the
Performance and Stock Liquidity in Tehran Stock Exchange
Z Taheri
, M Samadi
,M Meshki
31-36 journal pdf download
6. The effects of behavioral parental education application reducing parenting stress among
parents children with ADHD
S Ghorbanshirodi 37-43 journal pdf download
7. The effect of Motivation on Organizational commitment H Givarian
, M Pazoki
44-49 journal pdf download
8. Investigate the effect of Organizational Justice on Customer Satisfaction in Mellat Bank A kouloubandi
, M abbasi taghani
50-58 journal pdf download
9. A comparative analysis of the efficiency of commercial and specialized banks in the period 2001-2008 in Iran M Khodarahmi
, H Allah Asgari
, A.A Esfandiary
59-73 journal pdf download
10. Copy right in the international Order of human rights E Goljamal ,N.A Almasi 74-79 journal pdf download
11. Comparative assessment of the asphalt core dams using numerical methods instrumentation results M Mashhadian
, M koodeh Hatamian
80-86 journal pdf download
12. The study of the role of the deputy of cultural and social affairs of Tehran Municipality on bio-security of citizens
F Pilvar
, A Hendiani
, S.R Salehi Amiri
87-95  journal pdf download
13. Saccharomyces cerevisiae as a chemo-selective bio-catalyst in reduction of
S Motallebi Tala-Tapeh
, N.O Mahmoodi
, A Vaziri
96-99 journal pdf download
14. Proposeing model for telework Government systems M Nikfarjam,
, A Khalkhali
, Z Shakibaei
100-105 journal pdf download
15. Studying the social factors of violence against women visiting coroner I Abedini, A abbasi,Y  rasoli, M Ebrahimi 106-114 journal pdf download
16. The Political Thought of Shaykh Bahai A Montazerolghaem, Z Ahmadvand, Z Hosein Hashemi 115-119 journal pdf download
17. The study of the effect of life skills training on students' mental health and self-esteem A Massoumi ,S Mohebi,Y Tabaraie,S Botlani,M Shahsiah 120-127 journal pdf download

The effects of classroom management based on cooperative learning approach on science course academic achievement of sixth grade students in the town of Piranshahr

M Izan, M.R Keramati , M Gholamali Lavasani 128-136 journal pdf download
19. Investigating the political relationship between Khwarezmid and saljuiqid dynasties, and the role of Baghdad in the decline of Seljuqid Empire N Abdolla Ali

137-146 journal pdf download




















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