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1. Micromachining Technique for Bandwidth Enhancement of Rectangular Patch Microstrip Array Antenna N. Seromo 1-6 journal download
2. Nutrients to close Tropical Lagun for Primary Production Osman, C 7-12
3. Effect of Tonga River for Fish diversity, Karnataka V. Barkka 13-18
4. Management Services for Comparative Assessment of the Municipal Solid Waste Latifah Wan Azmin 18-29
5. Application of ants clustering algorithm Khartoum stock Market to Principal Component Method Alis Suslan 30-34 journal pdf download

Application effects of nitrogen rates and seed biopriming with PGPR on yield, yield attribute and nitrogen use efficiency of  corn (Zea maize L.) hybrids

M.Sam 35-40 journal pdf download
7. Comparison of the content and organizational structure on organizational citizenship behavior of staff in
Higher Education
41-48 journal pdf download
8. Review the status of implementation of ISO 9001 quality management system in product and service
M.Roshani 49-57 journal pdf download
9. Technical evaluation of forest road construction degree2 with Hydraulic Excavator–Bulldozer machines k.Hosseinpoor Asly 58-66 journal pdf download



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