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1. The effect of cash-flow component (core and non-core) on predicting future cash flow F Abbasi Javedan
,M Samadi Largani
1-7 journal download
2. Devices executive overcome the saturation problem in Active Control of Structures M Barandan
, M Ansar
3. Conservation role of vitamin K in disturbance glucose homeostasis in rat ovaries and actions exercised
L Fadel 17-25
4. The effect of C-peptide with and without antioxidant complementary in diabetic S Rikhoa 26-39
5. The effect of Empowerment on knowledge management H Givarian
, B Faeghi
40-47 journal pdf download
6. The Effectiveness of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program and Group Conscious Yoga on
Anxiety, Depression, Stress in Infertile Women
S Hoveyda
, H Zareei Mahmood Abadi
,P Dabaghi
48-53 journal pdf download
7. Survey the effect of organizational culture on knowledge management M.H Mohebbian 54-62 journal pdf download
8. Synthesis and anti-bacterial activity of new bis-chalcones S Motallebi Tala-Tapeh
, N.O Mahmoodi
, A Vaziri
63-71 journal pdf download
9. The effect of Organizational justice on personnel empowerment M.H Mohebbian 72-76 journal pdf download

Salicylic acid and salinity effects on some morphological characteristics and yield of Matricaria recutita

T Izan, J Arzhe, F Shekari,Y Nasiri 77-84 journal pdf download

Effect of education based on health belief model on pregnancy weight gain in pregnant women Gonabad city/Iran

Y Tabaraie, M Shahsiah, M Kargar, M.J Ghasemzadeh,S Mohebi 85-91 journal pdf download


M Keyvanara, A Saghafipour, F Rojati, M Hadi Abbasi, M Motalebi, A Rasoli, Y Tabaraie, Siamak Mohebi 92-98 journal pdf download
13. The effect of using educational computer games on creativity dimensions in elementary sixth-grade students of Piranshahr M Izan, F Ahmadi,  S.S Hasannezhad 99-104 journal pdf download
14. The tortious liability of the Investigative Bodies responsible for investigating disciplinary Faults Committed by Academic Staff F.S Mousavi 105-112 journal pdf download

Test reference year for the study of energy Case study: Urmia

H Heidari, S Naderi 113-120 journal pdf download

Evaluation of NaCl-Induced salinity on characteristics of rice cultivars in seedling stage using multivariate cluster analysis

Z Rabiei, H Pirdashti, S.Jaber H and A Afkhami Ghadi 121-129 journal pdf download

Synthesis and characterization of spinel Zinc Aluminate nanocrystals via a simple spray co-precipitation method

S.S Niya, A Alemi, A Khandar, A Eskandari 130-135 journal pdf download

The role of Khoza’eh tribe in interacting with the Messenger of Allah

A Montazerolqaem, Z Hossien Hashemi 136-139 journal pdf download

Preparation of liposomal ferrous sulfate nanocapsules by Reverse-Phase Evaporation Method and
nanocapsules structure analysis to apply in the food and medicinal in

A Izadyari, A Akbarzadeh
, A Vaziri, H Attar, AAlavi
140-147 journal pdf download
20. Khums (One Fifth)ofthe Arbaah-e-Makaaseh (Profitsfromthe Businesses) M Faraji Niri 148-155 journal pdf download
21. The Effect of Management & Leadership on Process of Developing Textile Industry (Rezvan-Iran Co) H Amouzadeharaei
, A Sehat
M.M Mohammadpour mie
156-158 journal pdf download
22. Relationship between religion and the arts and cultural management perspective N Adalat 159-168 journal pdf download
23 The relationship between early maladaptive schemas with sexual dissatisfaction in women referred to
cosmetic surgery centers in Tehran city
A Rezaei- M.R Zarbakhsh- M. A Rahmani 169-174 journal pdf download
24 Investigating the effect of institutional ownership and operating cash flow sensitivity on Dividend policy of listed
companies on the Stock Exchange
K  haqhi
, M Meshki
175-181 journal pdf download
25 Analysis of jurisprudence and legal custody of the child
(With emphasis on the Declaration on the Rights of the Child)
 H Ahmari
,M Rabbani
182-186 journal pdf download
26 The relationship between personality characteristics Vrayt Ethics in Professional Auditors V Rafiniya
, M.S Largani
187-192 journal pdf download
27 Factor Analysis of Persian version of child s port cohesion questionnaire Mashayekh.a.a
, Rafiei .s
193-200 journal pdf download

Investigation in Retail Industry scenarios

M Akhshabi1*, J Khalatbari2 ,M Akhshabi3 201-207 journal pdf download

Financial management principles and innovative range of industrial enterprises

M Akhshabi1*, J Khalatbari2 ,M Akhshabi3 208-214 journal pdf download




















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