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The effect of Motivation on Organizational commitment

H Givarian


Among the factors that affect the survival of enterprises and organizations are crucial for supervisors and
managers, managing human resources. Study of history shows that industrial development Skilled manpower, and
reared in a traditional society to an industrial process has undeniable effects So that human resources are considered
the most immediate cause of the development of societies and organizations.
To  examine  the  effects  of  motivation  on  organizational  commitment  of  the  central  bank  is  using  the  Spearman
correlation coefficient (0.809= r) and This indicates that a significant positive relationship between motivation and
organizational commitment, The P>0.01 exists and the null hypothesis is rejected. So we can  say with  confidence
that0.99  is  the  degree  of  motivation  and  commitment  in  the  organization  will  also  have  a  higher  correlation
0.809indicates that the impact is huge.


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