The effects of behavioral parental education application reducing parenting stress among parents children with ADHD

sh Ghorbanshirodi


The  present  quasi-experimental  study  was performed  to  evaluate  the  efficacy  of  Behavioural  Parent
Training Program (BPTP) in reducing parental stress. The sample for this study consists of 60 parents of children
with  ADHD  was  randomly  assigned  to  experimental  and  control  groups.  The  experimental  group  received  the
Barkley’s  parent  training  program.  All  participants  completed  the  Parental  Stress  Index  /Short  Form  (PSI/SF)  at
four different time points. A Mixed Model ANOVA using the SPSS 19.0 was used in data analysis. The results from
mixed  model  ANOVA  reflected  that  mean  changes  in  parental  stress  were  significantly  different  between  two
groups.    In  addition,  Post  hoc  analysis  revealed  a  statistically significant  decrease in  parental  stress  only for  the
experimental group. The present study in line with  some previous studies provides some preliminary evidence that
supports  the  effectiveness  of Barkley’s  parent  training  program  to  reduce  parental  stress  for  Iranian  parents  with
ADHD  children.  The  implications  of  the  study  findings  and  limitations of  the  research  method  along  with
recommendations for future studies are discussed.


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