Copy right in the international Order of human rights

E Goljamal, N.A Almasi


The  important  of  literacy  &  artistic  property  as  author  right  in  our  society  results  a  attempts  to
confirm it. The new intricate of legal world society is serious challenge of literacy & artistic property in front of
liberty  of  state  and  free  access  right  to  information  as  human  being  basic  rights  present  paper  refers  to  how
introducing author right into the international discipline of human being rights, therefore it refers justifications
about  its  philosophy  fundamental  and  concepts  of  “property”,  “private  property”,  “reality  and  individual  and
society value” and “people social  noble” which are artistic & literacy property serious ambiguities. At  first, the
paper  suggests  basic  function  and  rights  philosophy  and  by  which  describes  private  property  according  to
individual freedom nature and human being social noble.


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