Comparative assessment of the asphalt core dams using numerical methods instrumentation results case study: survey of Meyjaran dam

Mehdi Mashhadian, Mojtaba koodeh Hata


Asphalt core dams is one of the options in the design of dams and gravel, especially in areas that are far
from the fine–grained materials with adequate quantity and quality, there is lake of access to the core, they are. We
can find (discover) phenomen a  which are causing dam  erosin, weaken, destroy and a void from them or decrease
them. In this research beside of graphic behavior of instrumentatian results in Meyjaran asphalt core dam which is
the  first  asphalt  core  dam  in  Iran,  PlAXIS  software  results  were  compared  with  them  in  dam  middle  part  during  
construction  and  exploitation. Totally,  static  analyse  results  confirm  suitable  behavior  of dam  factor  in  condition
after  construction  and  stable  leakage  condition.  Displacement,  stress  and  pore  water  pressure  have  been  in
acceptable level and guarantee dam stability.


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