Proposeing model for telework Government systems

moslem nikfarjam, Ali Khalkhali, Zohreh Shakibaei


Experience in many countries shows that organizations that are lack of planning, they have not efficient use of time. And they are confuses for using time. Time wasting scarce resources in an organization, one of the problems that they are facing about it. Now imbalance and lack of logical coherence and consistency between work and life, job, life is endangered.Teleworking has been largely fulfills this issue. Lifestyle changes is one of the great achievements of teleworking. Incidentally, one of the areas that study on it in the present world is favorable changes to lifestyle that sociologists have shown attention on it.These lifestyle changes can also be considered in the model that using in information technology.This study examines the issue of telework in 12 questions. Accordance with the formula for chi-square test. First for each questions data was calculated in own table and then reports conclusions.

Survey of 12 questions, 11 questions are in 95 and 99% smaller. So there is a significant difference and they place in model. The results indicate that, according to the analysis performed on the 11 items of little significance level of 95% ² х ² х smaller table. This implies that the difference was significant. This issue by comparing the observed frequencies with the expected frequencies were investigated.  And finally, this question can be asked in terms of telework component to component.


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