PMDC engine controlled used in Surgical and orthopedic simulators

G Michigan


Orthopedic surgical simulators are used by the trainee surgeons to drill the bones and place the screws.
These  simulators  use  PMDC  motors  for  bone  drilling.  In  this  paper  a  closed  loop  chopper  controlled  drive  is
proposed and evaluated. The chopper controlled drive has an inner current control loop and an outer speed control
loop.  The  outer  control  loop  employs  a  conventional  PI  controller  for  the  speed  control  of the  PMDC motor.  The
anti-windup PI controller based system is proposed in order to enhance the performance of the system. The system
is  simulated  using  Matlab  /  Simulink  and  the  performances  of  various  anti-windup  schemes  are  analysed.  The
properties of these controllers were measured and tabulated. The simulation results inferred that the proposed closed
loop  system  with  tracking  anti-windup  schemes  can  be  used  for  the  effective  control  of  the  PMDC  motor  in
orthopedic surgeries.


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